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Joseph Preindl: In tuo Nomine, Offertory No.21

Offertory of the Viennese Domkapellmeister, arranged for Alto- and Viola solo, choir and orchestra
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Joseph Preindl (1756-1823), a composer and organist in Vienna, worked as a teacher at the Orphanage, as organist at the Carmelites and at St. Michael's. Furthermore, he was chorus master and organist at St. Peter in Vienna. In 1795 he was appointed assistant to the music director Albrechtsberger at the Vienna cathedral, and after Albrechtsberger's death in 1809 he was appointed to the distinguished position of director of music at St. Stephan's cathedral.

Besides his sacral works, Preindl also worked as singing and piano teacher and published even some textbooks.

Preindl composed at least 14 masses, two requiems, and several graduals, offertories, motets and church arias.

The present offertory vorliegende "In tuo Nomine" in full orchestration is a melodic sacral piece. The Alto solo plays the dominant part, while the choir only features several short phrases, intensified by the wind section. Near the end of the piece, the choir even has a short fugator, before the piece ends bombastically with a "Halleluja".

Single scores for individual orchestra instruments are available on request.

Detailed informationen about the edition
Composer Joseph Preindl (1756-1823)
Title In tuo Nomine
Scoring Solo A, Coro SATB, 2Vl, Vc/Cb, 2Fl, 2Ob, 2Cl, 2Fag, 2Cor, 2Clni, Tim
Key d major
Editor Reinhold Kainhofer
Publisher Edition Kainhofer, Vienna
Language of the lyrics Latin
Subtitle Offertorium No.21
Available Editions
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EK-0058-1Full score
ISMN: 979-0-50217-004-2
Pages: 32


EK-0058-10Choral score
ISMN: 979-0-50217-005-9
Solo A, Coro SATB
Pages: 8


EK-0058-10Choral score
ISMN: 979-0-50217-005-9
Solo A, Coro SATB
Pages: 8