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Johann Strauss: Serben-Quadrille, Arrangement for String Trio

Arrangement of the the Serbian Quadrille by Johann Strauss for String trio (Violin, Viola, Violoncello)
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The Serbian Quadrille, Op.14, is an early work of the Waltz King Johann Strauss Jr., commissioned by prince Obrenović for a Slavic ball 1846 in Vienna. In this work, Strauss uses traditional Serbian motifs in his typical Viennese style.

The present arrangement of the Serbian Quadrille for string trio was also composed for a Slavic ball in Vienna: At the Serbian ball in 2006, the Aleksić Streichtrio was asked to perform the Serbian Quadrille by Strauss as part of the musical accompaniment. Lacking a proper arrangement, the members of the string trio decided to produce an arrangement for violin, viola and cello themselves. The melody is almost entirely played by the violin, the viola supports either the melody of the violin or the harmony of the cello.

Detailed informationen about the edition
Composer Johann Strauss (1825-1899)
Title Serben-Quadrille
Catalogue number Op. 14
Scoring Vl., Va., Vc.
Key a major
Editor Aleksić Streichtrio
Publisher Edition Kainhofer, Vienna
Duration ca.9-10 min.
Year of Composition 1846
Genre Quadrille
Subtitle Bearbeitung für Streichtrio
Arranger Aleksić Streichtrio
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