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Sacred Music

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Joseph Eybler: Tristes erant Apostoli, Hymnus, HV 123 EK-1123 Unisono hymn for the common office of apostles and evangelists in eastertide, composed by the Viennese Hofkapellmeister Eybler.
Joseph Eybler: Ecce quomodo moritur, Responsorium, HV 125 EK-1125 Traditional Good Friday chant, optionally with wind instruments.
Carl Czerny: Beatus Vir, Gradual No.19 EK-0059 Simple, homophonic Beatus Vir for chorus and orchestra
Carl Czerny: Beatus Vir, Graduale No.20 EK-0060 Simple Beatus Vir for chorus (in unison) and orchestra
Joseph Eybler: Iste Confessor, Hymnus de Communi Confessorum, HV 124 EK-1124 Simple a cappella hymn for feasts of convessors, composed by the Viennese Hofkapellmeister Eybler
Joseph Eybler: Omnes de Saba venient, Gradual, HV 40 EK-1040 Pictoresque gradual for Epiphany, written by the Viennese Hofkapellmeister Joseph Eybler, featuring a Soprano solo, chorus and a large orchestra
Benedict Randhartinger: Ad te levavi, Offertory EK-0057 Offertory of the Viennese Hofkapellmeister Randhartinger, arranged for Alto and Viola solo with string quartet
Joseph Preindl: In tuo Nomine, Offertory No.21 EK-0058 Offertory of the Viennese Domkapellmeister, arranged for Alto- and Viola solo, choir and orchestra
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Benedictus sit Deus, Offertory, K 117 EK-0004 Early Offertory by Mozart in three movements (choral - soprano coloratura aria - choral fugue)
Joseph Eybler: Sperate in Deo, Gradual, HV 41 EK-1041 Beautiful gradual by the Viennese Hofkapellmeister Eybler, featuring an Oboe solo throughout, but no vocal soloists
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