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Georg Reutter: Ecce quomodo

A cappella responsory for Good Friday, composed by the Viennese Hofkapellmeister Georg Reutter Jr.
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The "Ecce quomodo moritur justus" is part of the Liturgy of the Hours on Good Friday. The present piece was used in the Viennese Hofburgkapelle during the entombment ceremony at the beginning of the vespers.

The homophonic setting of the responsory for four-part a cappella chorus was written by the Viennese Hofkapellmeister Georg Reutter Jr. (1708-1772, cathedral organist in St. Stephan's cathedral, Hofkapellmeister from 1769) and features a very onomapoetic interpretation of the sad lyrics. The alternation between major and minor key in the individual clauses emphasizes either a misty-eyed, ignorant view of reality or the sad, brutal truth.

This edition is available as a free PDF download (published under a Creative Commons license) and as prints on paper, which can be ordered below at our cost price.

Detailed informationen about the edition
Scoring S., A., T., B.
Editor Reinhold Kainhofer
Publisher Edition Kainhofer, Vienna
Language of the lyrics deutsch
Title Ecce quomodo
Composer Georg Reutter (1708-1772)
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ISMN: 979-0-50217-001-1
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